Monday, June 8, 2009

4 Most Important Things in a Real Estate Agent

(Today's Guest Post is courtesy of Rob Aubrey - Associate Broker, ALC Member Keller Williams Utah Realtors)

1. Experience-This is the most important experience. Someone that has been through the real estate cycles. When markets shift, they always have and they always will, you want someone that understands where you are and what is going on. 67% of active sales agents* in the state of Utah have never experienced the market we are in.
2. Negotiating Skills- The ability to negotiate is very critical in real estate transactions, this is where top notch agents earn their keep, and they can save you and or make you money.
3. Technology- I don’t mean just a pretty business card web site. I am talking about the all the searching tools, find and extract valuable data, able to provide massive marketing and exposure.
4. Staffing- Professionals know their strengths and weaknesses. Smart ones understand the value of hiring a talented people to do task better than they do, like paperwork and routine things. Top professionals spend their time doing lead generation, presentations, and negotiations, not scheduling inspection appointments.

*Data source Utah department of Commerce, Real Estate division.


  1. Slide all 4 of those down a notch and add as NUMERO UNO: Flexibility - Primarily the flexibility and willingness to not "Need" to charge the ridiculous industry standard 3% per Agent involved.

  2. I tend to disagree on the 3% thing. If you consider the marketing costs involved in a listing, not to mention staffing, etc., good real estate agents don't even get 3%. Especially when the brokerage takes 1/3 or 1/2 of it anyway! I'm not a real estate agent either, just a business person! Real estate agents are lucky to pocket 1%, and after all the work they do (at least the amount of work the good ones do), that is worth it!

    Good post Rob!